Letter to the Lieutenant Governor’s Office

The following is a copy of the letter I sent to Mr. Chad Aull -Assistant to the Lieutenant Governor.



I met you yesterday in the Capitol Annex building during the hearing about the Governor’s new Tax Reform Bill. First I want to say thanks to you and the Lieutenant Governor for listening to our side of the story with regards to E-cigarettes. Continue reading

Kentucky trying to tax E-cigarettes


Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear has proposed a “tax reform” plan that would impose a impose a sin tax on all electronic cigarette devices and liquids. Furthermore, a separate bill in the Kentucky House of Representatives would ban electronic cigarette use in a wide-reaching “smoking” ban that would even extend to electronic cigarette stores.  

As a company, we believe that electronic cigarettes are a smarter alternative for smokers to traditional cigarettes.  We oppose measures that would punish adult consumers for making that smarter choice. We hope you would take this opportunity to educate your lawmakers that taxes and usage bans on smoke-free electronic cigarettes are bad both for consumers and for small business.


It is very simple to make your voice heard.
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Promoting Nicqua E-cigs at Electric Ladyland


Spent the day hanging with our good friends at Electric Ladyland, Louisville’s coolest smoke shop. Had our new promo sign out, and it was definitely bringing some attention! Ladyland promotes the Nicqua brand over any other, so we were showing some love and helping them get the word out!

It was really fun getting to see our stuff sold, live in-person at a retail store. Got some interesting feedback, all positive, from the clientele. Resounding praises for our size selections. I mostly saw 30ml and 50ml bottles being sold, even more than the normal 10ml bottles you see at most shops. A great day with some great folks, we call that a success!

Vaping 101 – Introduction to Nicqua

Video Transcript:

Hi, my name is Mike White. I am here with Nicqua Electronic Cigarettes. And this is an informal video series, or vlog about vaping in general, and about the Nicqua Electronic Cigarette. I’m going to call this Vaping 101.

First I’ll tell you a little about me. I’ve been a smoker, I love being a smoker, and I have been smoking for 20 years. I’m 32 years old now, so I started when I was 12, and I got that early exposure because my family owned a local smoke shop / tobacco store. I started working there when I was probably too young to be doing that. So I’ve been around smoking for quite a long time, I’ve seen all the good, the bad, and the ugly.

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