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EVOD 900 mAh Battery

EVOD 900 mAh Battery
EVOD 900 mAh Battery
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EVOD 900 mAh Battery

Nicqua EVOD batteries are superior to the standard eGo in every way. EVOD batteries deliver constant voltage output, rather than tapering off as the charge runs out. The smooth button is larger, easier to press, and softer on your thumb or finger. 3 light modes for the LED ring, Blue fully charged, Purple less than 50% remaining charge, and Red less than 20% remaining.

Tech specs

  • 900 mAh EVOD Battery- 5 clicks on, 5 clicks off. Approximately 800 puffs between charges.
  • 510 connector with eGo threading guarantees maximum compatibility.
  • Charge with standard 4.2 V eGo USB charger.
  • 3.7V constant output voltage. Keeps performance from dropping off as battery loses charge.